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The Pizza Cleanse

The Pizza Cleanse is a simple and effective bodily cleanse and holistic wellness technique, designed to boost overall physical and mental well being.  In just 5-7 days you can feel great!  Developed centuries ago, the benefits of these health techniques are now being rediscovered by a new generation. Pizza is power; join us…

the PIZZA Cleanse Method

The power of the Pizza Cleanse method lies in its ease and simplicity. 


No more rigid rules about what, when or how much to eat. Your life, your way.


Pizza is mother natures gift; a perfect balance of all 5 food groups, vitamins, and micronutrients.

frustration free

No more confusion and despair when trying to plan meals. Simplicity is beauty.

PIZZA Cleanse portions

An ancient food measurement secret, revealed.

pizza cleanse benefits

The myriad benefits one may experience during and after the Pizza Cleanse are almost too numerous to list.  A rich world of self-discovery awaits.


In our modern lifestyle, one may feel adrift on a sea of dietary options. The Pizza Cleanse simplifies your dietary focus, and “resets” your body’s digestive system to a stable baseline.


The Pizza Cleanse is not a new fad. Ancient Cultures have followed the Pizza Cleanse in various forms for millenia.  Rediscover lost knowledge from ancient civilizations, and reconnect with your ancestors.

Pizza cleanse success stories

Testimonials and media

” I just feel so much energy when I’m on the pizza cleanse…its incredible. “

steven Burkheim

“I am so grateful that I discovered the Pizza Cleanse.  It literally changed my life!”

skyler leGarza

” As a professional jazz musician, creativity is extremely important to me.  When Im on the Pizza Cleanse, my solos are out of this world. “

anastasia blackwell

” I used to be so confused about what to eat, or how to be healthy.  The Pizza Cleanse changed all that. “

Paul Gallo