The Pizza Cleanse Method:

What, when, and how long?

what to eat?


1. Eat Pizza every day

This is the basic tenet of The Pizza Cleanse. So simple yet so powerful. Pizza is nature's gift to mankind, a perfect combination of what the body needs.


2. any type of pizza

Pizzeria, frozen, delivery, or homemade; all are great options! On The Pizza Cleanse you're in charge, not some health "guru"! Whether you're hungry for a deep dish meat-lovers, or wanna reduce your CO2 footprint with a vegan cauliflower crust...its your call!


3. Eat some other stuff too

Pizza is the core of The Pizza Cleanse, but you are welcome to eat other items as you deem appropriate for your lifestyle and cleanse goals. As perfect as pizza is, it can be useful to put other items into your mouth as well. Bacon, spinach, or pop tarts for example. Just be sure not to eat so much of these non-pizza items that you fail to consume pizza.

when to eat?

hot dog pizza

1. Eat pizza anytime

The Pizza Cleanse takes a holistic approach to health; not only feeding your body, it is also designed to help liberate your mind from the rigid modern confines of schedules, clocks, and cell phones, and harken back to a simpler era, when humble men and women ate whenever they felt hungry.

pizza dude

2. as often as you like

While on The Pizza Cleanse, you may eat pizza as many times per day as you choose*.

*minimum 1 serving of pizza per day

how long to cleanse?

pizza now

as long or short as you like

Some people report feeling benefits from The Pizza Cleanse in as little as 1 day, others have chosen to continue The Pizza Cleanse for 10 days or more. In general, after 5-7 days your body will likely be functioning in a near perfect status, so additional days are likely to exhibit diminishing returns.


Repeat Pizza Cleanse yearly

Many people report The Pizza Cleanse as an important annual life event, often more meaningful than a holiday, anniversary, or child's birthday. It is a valuable period of self-reflection, an opportunity to reassess one's life goals and identify new possibilities for self growth. Similarly, many report that cleansing together with friends or family can strengthen bonds and renew friendships.